I awake to the warm sensation of your body next to mine. The warmth of your supple ass is having an effect on my hardening cock. ” Good morning Daddy.” you say while kissing that spot on my neck. “Revving me up baby girl?” I say. ” Maybe Daddy, I was a good girl and didn’t wake you but I need help”. You say while turning over. ” what can I do to help my princess?” I say while I take your hard nipples in my hand and twist and pull on them. Oh Daddy please let me suck on your hard dick. Let me feel it. Your wish is my command as long as I can suck on your clit and lick and suck on your tight wet pussy. Mmmm daddy please fuck my pussy and let me feel your hot cum.

To be continued……


it’s been a while.

Sorry to not be writing. to whom ever keeps reading my blog thank you. with that being said on with the show……………..

it starts with a strong lecture to myself. don’t think about her. do not let yourself slip it is easy enough at first. then it is oh i’ll get online and boom my hands wander and there she is. why do i torture myself. Is it to remind that i messed up. that i can never have her again. not in a swexual way. i mean to hear her laugh. the way she makes me smile the soft touch of her hand. no it is to remind myself that nothing is gone forever and nothing ever changes. i can chose to live in the past or i can move forward, remember what we had and use it all the bad and good.

An empty collar. not mine but it touched me

I was going through my toy bag to clean them and there it was. It had never found it’s way into the bag before. It was her collar. It must have hopped in there knowing the dynamic was ending. When I left her the last time we were still a we. But it’s like that empty collar knew something we did not. That just like the collar itself, our willingness to keep going was empty and lacking any real conviction. A D/s relationship without direction is like a car without a steering wheel. You’re not getting anywhere with that set up.

I held the collar in my hands and it was too much to bare. The sight of her flooded back into my vision so vividly, that I had to think of something else quickly before my legs gave out and I would have ended up on my knees, the same position she often served me from. It seems now that collar had the power to bring either one of us to that position.

It was odd seeing it off of her neck where it rightfully belonged. So far away from its proper place, empty, only a shell of what it once meant. It was a precious symbol of a bond stronger than the chains we played with, a love more intense than any flogging she ever endured, a symbol of ownership and every nuance that gets embedded within that. She was mine, just mine, to use, to care for, to hit, to kiss and caress, to throw against the wall with my fingers deep within, to whisper good morning beautiful upon her opening her eyes. She was mine, the collar didn’t make that so, but it was a physical manifestation of what we believed. We gave the dynamic life by constantly breathing our desires and trust in one another into it.

Now it was just a relic of a love no longer. It was just a piece of an unfulfilled promise. It was empty and sad and a long way from its proper place.

It was me.

I’ll put it away, somewhere I won’t be quick to look but I’ll know it’s always there. Not to return to its former self, but to become something else altogether, a reminder that something can be beautiful in one setting and just an empty piece of jewelry in the next.

A collar is only as powerful as the defining actions of the two that are bound by it, an empty collar is only as empty as the memories it holds.

I guess it’s not an empty collar after all.

naughty nsfw 1

He smacked my cheek. “You will address me properly. You will say Daddy at the end of every sentence. Understood?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You obviously enjoy my cock. Too much, I have to say.”

“I love your cock, Daddy.”

“I know, you’re a slut, and a slut can’t be punished with cock, can she?”

“No, Daddy.”

He walked around behind me, and slowly worked the pacifier into my puckered ass hole. I cried out, earning myself a slap on my lower back.

“How does this feel, baby girl?” He asked, his voice thick and husky again.

“It feels weird, Daddy.” He slapped me again. Wrong answer. “I love it, Daddy.”

He came back to look in my eyes. “You have to be taught a lesson, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I’m going to have to whip you, aren’t I?”

My heart skipped a beat. “Yes, Daddy.”

I braced myself by clenching wads of bed sheets in my fists. The first lash came down on my lower back. It stung, but surprisingly less so than I expected. The second hit my ass, the third landed across my shoulders. That’s when he started talking again.

“You’re a bad little girl, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“A nasty little slut.”

“Nasty, Daddy.”

Each sentence was accompanied by a hard lash across my legs, back, arms and shoulders. He kept going, calling me names, telling me how bad I was. It was really turning me on.

“You’re a cock sucking little whore!”

“Yes, Daddy, I love cock.”

“You’d like nothing more than your Daddy’s hard cock in your mouth right now, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Daddy. Let me suck your dick, Daddy.”

“You don’t deserve to suck your Daddy’s cock.”

“No, Daddy.”

He whipped me again and again, and soon my pussy was dripping on the bed. My Daddy walked around me to feel the wetness, rubbing my swollen clit until I lurched and moaned at his touch. The whip fell to the floor, and I felt the weight of his body add itself to the bed.

“You haven’t learned anything, you little bitch. You’re a whore, I have to teach you a lesson, don’t I?”

“Yes, Daddy. Teach me, Daddy.”

My Daddy leaned over me from behind, reaching around and roughly grasping my tits. He used them as leverage to pound his again firm dick into my vagina. He panted and groaned as he thrust in and out of me. My Daddy was pounding me so hard it hurt, but I loved it. I reached around to finger my clit, moaning at the ecstasy of it, until he slapped my hand away.

The Monkey and the Bunny.

A monkey fell in love with a bunny. The monkey would dance for the bunny, he would brush her fur, he’d even stay up through the night to protect her from predators. One day the monkey was doing what he normally does and the bunny hops away. The monkey could not understand why she left. The monkey still waits for the bunny to return.

I feel out of place.

I wake up earlier than I should, I am always willing to go the extra mile. Hell I would cook breakfast every morning. I feel like I do not belong anywhere. I think I fit somewhere and boom I am ripped out of it.

I would kill to wake up help the kids get ready for school make lunches and be a dad. I’d love to help with laundry, have a clothes fight and make love on a pile of clothes. I’d love to comfort you when you feel like your nothing, Because your something to me.


Oh the relief, coming home to you, seeing your smile and hearing your voice. YEAH RIGHT WAKE UP. just another dream but the sweetest dreams are of you. I am not the man of your dreams. i am far from it. I am not the best dressed, i can’t carry a tune. But what i will do is give you my all. so take a chance and spin the wheel.